About us

Abridge is a company set up in the region of Toulon, in the sunny South of France. It is inspired by a highly motivated team of French-born and residing business persons coming from diverse backgrounds (business managers, agencies or department executives, salesmen and others).

Their 30 years of activity in the world of business, commerce, employment and international exchanges provides them with an experience and a know-how that they wish to use for the benefit of the clients of Abridge.

Our Company

An export specialist working with small to medium size businesses looking to expand sales or source products from the French market. We open doors to international trade for companies which are looking to expand into export markets for the first time, and for companies with prior export experience which wish to enter new markets.


We offer tailor made solutions based on the customer’s needs.

Our team will work to understand your company, industry and target markets. We can guarantee a perfect understanding, not only linguistically but also culturally.  Abridge has more than 30 years’ experience in the functioning and needs of businesses, trusts and in the private sector. It presents a vast spectrum of competence in these various domains.

The overall objective is to put buyers and international suppliers in contact with each other, and consequently start new international trading. Conscious of its important role on the projected image of your company, Abridge commits itself to faithfully reproduce the values and ethos of its clients through translation or diverse assistances. Abridge constantly updates its data and access to the best sources of information to offer you the best performance.

The quality of an Abridge performance will always enhance the image of your company.

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