France in the World


France in the World

France is the world’s 5th largest economy. 134 million people in the world use French as their mother tongue.

France GDP amounts to 2 846 billion dollars of which 25% is secured by exports. The GDP comes for 77,5% from the tertiary sector, 20,5% from the industry and 2% from agriculture.

France runs in the lead in the aircraft industry (Airbus), the transports (TGV), the space industry (Ariane), the telecoms (Smartcard) and high technology products.

31 of the 500 biggest global organisations are French (4th rank) and Paris is the 3rd city in the world by the number of head-offices of these 500 global organisations. It ranks after Tokyo and Beijing but ahead of New York and London.

Transport machinery and equipment, aircraft equipment, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals make most of the French exports.

N°1 world exporter of perfumes and cosmetics, France is also internationally famous for its fashion industry, haute couture and luxury products.

France is the top agricultural producer in the EU and ranks 2nd worldwide in agri-food.

The French intellectual and education system is amongst the best in the world. It ranks 4th globally in number of patents granted.

Finally, France is the top tourist destination in the world. The country is famous for the scenic splendour of the countryside, the quality of its cuisine and the warm welcome it extends to all visitors.

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