What did he say ?


What did he say ?

On the 7th of May, the French chose hope and a spirit of conquest, said the eighth president of the Vth Republic after the transfer of authority with François Hollande.

The world and Europe have now need of France more than ever. They need a France that is strong and sure of her fate. They need a France that carries high the voice of liberty and of solidarity, he considered in a speech from the Elysée Palace.

39-year-old Emmanuel Macron stressed that “for decades, France has doubted about her” and he promised to work to “give confidence in themselves back to the Frenchs” in order to overcome the divisions and the fractures of French society.

“I will give up nothing on my commitments made towards the French. All that contributes to the vigour of France and her prosperity will be implemented” he said.

 “Work will be liberated, businesses will be supported, initiative will be encouraged, culture and education (…), creation and innovation will be at the heart of my action, he added, promising also a renewal of democratic vitality.

In parallel, he promised to relaunch Europe so that it may be more effective and more democratic.

“We live in a time that will decide the fate of France for the decades to come”, declared Emmanuel Macron.

“I know that in this hour, French men and women are expecting much from me. They are right because the mandate they have entrusted me with, gives them right to an absolute exigency on me, I’m fully conscious of it”.

“Nothing will be given in to ease nor to compromise, nothing will weaken my determination, nothing will lead me to give up defending (…) France’s highest interests. At the same time, I shall have the constant will to reconcile and gather up all the French” , he promised.

Extract of the first speech of President Macron

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